PNN/ Faridabad: The matter on the ATDC webinar welcome to the webinar on “FINDING POSSIBILITIES IN ADVERSITIES” for ATDC Students, faculty and staff members. This webinar is a step taken to create positive and winning attitude among ATDC Students and faculty to motivate themselves towards adopting change.

It started with asking all are keeping safe and taking necessary preventions measures against the coronavirus infection…it is surely very challenging phase of life for everybody. It requires change in our lifestyle…which is difficult but not impossible to adapt.

Neera Singh Parihar, Registrar & GM, ATDC welcomed to Darpan Ved, Creative Director, F5 Multimedia Studio Pvt. Ltd. a graduate from Tata Institute of Social Science, who has been working tirelessly as educator, filmmaker and Tale-teller
His contribution apart from making films for giants like GOOGLE, DBS BANK, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare & many more. He is also running motivational YouTube channel “F5 STORYTELLERS” where he has interviewed personalities like Om Puri, Kailash Kher, Anand Kumar (founder of SUPER -30), Padma Bhusan Bindeshwar Pathak (Founder– SULABH Sauchalaya), Padma shri Arunima Sinha (1st female amputee to climb MT. EVEREST) to name few.
Darpan Ved shared a short film for find the possibilities in adversities, not to miss on things that are possible to learn, share time and bond with family and friends, connect with people many more.Then he answered the questions put forward with his rich experience of having interviewed successful personalities and observing people from close.

What is your advice to keep oneself motivated during these difficult times?

Ans: Hence the message is there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so never lose hope & keep working towards your goals.

What can people take/learn from this phase that can help them in the future?

Ans: Point is we all need to evolve as professionals & entrepreneurs to be future-ready accept the change. Those who will evolve and change as per the circumstances will be have better opportunity to grow.

Having interviewed a lot of interesting people on your channel. What are the traits/ qualities that you find common among them if any?
Ans: The most common qualities in these personalities found was that they were passionate, persistence and patient with their goals in life to do something which they believed in was important. If we learn to be patient in the darkest of the hours only then we will be able to enjoy the first light of the day. You never know what life is holding for you, so always be hopeful.

How can students who will be starting their careers soon, be prepared for the near future?

Ans: you could be the next Spyker Jeans, Allen Solly, monte Carlo or even be the next Versace of Indian fashion, who knows. Hence, creative thinking with understanding that online training is the key to prepare yourself for future hence self-motivation and discipline to study things required for your career is important at this time.

Lastly the message to the students was to adapt to the change brought in this pandemic circumstance and prepare yourself for future.