Ex-ACP Darshan Lal Malik exclusive talk with PNN, shared his policing life


PNN: Ex-ACP Darshan Lal Malik after being retirement, living his life with simplicity. He in his exclusive talk with PNN, discussed about the current scenario along with his role in police department.


When did you join police?

I joined Police in 1984 as Assistance Sub-inspector and my first posting was in Bhiwani. In 1992 I was promoted Sub-inspector. In 2000 I was promoted as Inspector and posted as SHO city in Bhiwani. I was promoted as DSP and posted in Yamunanagar and then came to Faridabad where I was posted as DSP traffic in 2009. In 2010 as a DSP I went to Palwal and later returned in Faridabad and here I retired as ACP on 30 September, 2015.


Why did you do LLB after retirement, is there any pacific reason?

See, I got enrolled in LLB from Madhav University, Rajasthan after my retirement from police department as ACP in 2015 and now I’ve qualified it in 2018. Its reason to be an LLB student was lawyer’s uniform and personality, because people who are lawyer look handsome and gentleman. I don’t want professionally work in this profession, but I’m ready for those who need legal help. One thing let me clear you, after becoming a lawyer, I’ve known importance of a lawyer and also known that everything could be done in the realm of law.


What do you believe major problem in police department as well as policemen?

There was no political pressure in my tenure. We were directed by SP, but this time political interference, 24X7 works burden and mental stress have badly affected on policing. Earlier there were hardly one or two crimes like property dispute and some minor offenses, but crime ratio in present scenario is increased now crime against women, dowry case, forgery, cybercrime, property dispute and self-immolation etc. these are the new crimes which are prevalent in society. Today’s miscreants have become very smart and any crime is cleverly done. These said crimes is remained a headache for the police department.


What do you want to say about newly appointed CP?

Off course, our newly CP sir is well aware of the geographical background of Faridabad and have good experience in crime control, I hope, CP sir will be able to control rising crime in the city. CP sir itself is a young police officer and obviously will give chance to other youths in the police department to come forward, because there are some youth policemen in the department who have been tracing many blind cases and made proud of the police department.

In my tenure, mostly work was done manually, but now everything has been done online that is obviously a huge achievement for both police and people. There is no need to repeatedly visit police office to get verification of any document and through the online facility people can get their licence, passport inquiry, FIR etc. works done from their doorsteps.


How do you see the cooperation of industrialists in the police department?

I really appreciate the city’s industrialists who are concerned about the safety, peace and happiness of the city. Their contribution and good cooperation with the police department is really commendable. They are continue supporting the police department from the all front and this is the result of their initiative, we can see hi-tech police PCR-van moving in every corner of the city which provide us security round ‘O’ clock.


What message do you want to convey to your fellow policemen?

My message to the young police colleagues, they must be advanced and high thinker as compare to the miscreants and baffle their wrong intentions, so that they should change their way and become good citizen of the country.