Pollution making ill, follow these steps to get rid of: Dr Neeraj


People basically living in Delhi-NCR are on the verge of life threatening due to highly pollution. In the last few days, the weather is continuously changing which will put direct impact on lungs patients, diabetes patients, patients on dialysis, allergic patients, people with weak immune and children, but how can get rid of this problem, read Dr Neeraj Singh opinion.

Do & Don’t

Dr Neeraj Singh believes in do and don’t. He says pollution in Delhi-NCR has been very high in the last few years which the biggest cause of diseases is. He says we cannot escape this problem, but some precautions can get us rid of diseases. He says we (doctors) are making our patients aware about keep avoiding to stay outdoor even in the morning and evening, because vehicle’s movement in the both time produces more smoke which instead of going up remains surrounding us, we inhale them and become sick.

Dr Singh advises to refuse for visiting public places because there are more chances of many common infections which leads to lung infected, exclude other diseases because we focus on pollution which effects directly our respiratory system, and later stages lungs.

Dr Singh says people must be aware of using mask while moving outside. They should sapling plants inside and outside of their homes and keep their surrounding neat and clean. He at the last says people instead of changing doctor should change their life style, because number of lungs and heart patients are continuously increasing due to excessive pollution in the city.